Angels and Airheads
  Ricky has been in love with his best friend, Jez, for ever. When a mysterious angel appears in order to persuade him to give love a chance, will he find the courage to say yes, and what will Jez do if he does?...

Angels and Airheads

GLBT short story, "Angels and Airheads", is published by Torquere Press. Ricky has been secretly in love with his best friend Jez for ever, but he’s never dared confess his feelings as he thinks Jez is too high-class for him. One evening, whilst sharing a quiet evening with Jez, a mysterious angel, Madred, appears in order to persuade Ricky to take a chance on love. But Ricky doesn’t believe in angels, and Madred is forced to take desperate measures in an attempt to show the reluctant Ricky the truth. When the angel leaves, can Ricky find the courage to declare himself to Jez and what will happen if he does? Please note this story contains some adult content.

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