The Art of the Delaneys
  Liam is determined to show the Delaneys there's more to him than just sex, but when it comes to dabbling in art fraud, will he be able to impress them this time?

The Art of the Delaneys

Erotic short story, "The Art of the Delaneys", is published by Amber Allure Press. It is the sequel to The Delaneys and Me and Entertaining the Delaneys.

Liam is determined to prove to the Delaney Twins he’s more than just a good bed-partner. His chance to show them what he’s worth comes when his boss at the art gallery is asked by the Delaneys to take part in an art scam. When the Delaneys turn up on the night of the scam, Liam discovers it will involve a painting by one of their best artists. Can he make sure the gallery doesn't get too involved and keep the Delaneys satisfied, in the only way he knows how, at the same time?

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