Dancing with Lions
  When Michal, daughter of King Saul, meets David, everything changes ...

Biblical Stories

You can find links to my Biblical short stories on this page:

Published Biblical Stories:

Dancing with Lions, a biblical short story about Michal, daughter of Saul, and her relationship with David

At the Pages of Stories website - Little Bird (published in Issue 2, and you need to log in to view)

The Voyage, a short story about St Paul's journey to Malta

Published Free Biblical Stories:

On the Lacuna Historical Fiction Journal - A Small Betrayal

On the Shortbread Stories website - Miss Dobson's Angel (you'll need to log in to read it, but it's free)

On the HagsHarlotsHeroines website (you may need to join up to read it, but it's free and you can leave comments) - A Little Death

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