The Boilerman and The Bride
  When Kat meets boilerman Mike for the first time on her wedding day, she faces several unexpected choices. Will passion win through in the end?

The Boilerman and The Bride - Extract

Yes, she looked pretty damn good. Kat smiled and turned away from the mirror. She didn’t need to spend any longer admiring herself – her hairdresser had done the best she could, Kat herself had coped with the concept of make-up for once, and as for the dress. Well, the dress was perfect. She stood for a moment and smoothed it out over her hips. It was ivory dupion silk, three-quarter length, and with a scoop neckline and roses dotted onto the sleeves and hem. Simple but she loved it.

Really, everything was near perfect; all she needed was a groom and everything would be totally wonderful. And in one hour’s time, which by now was fifty-nine minutes and twenty seconds though of course she wasn’t counting, she and Brian would be man and wife. She simply couldn’t wait.

A knock on the door almost made her jump.

“Come in!” she called out. “No need to stand on ceremony here.”

Almost before she’d finished speaking, the door was flung open and Kat saw her best friend and bridesmaid, Lizzie, standing on the threshold, holding a mobile phone stretched out at her side as if it might poison her. She looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder russet dress with a single flower decoration at the side of the waist. It went beautifully with her blonde hair. Kat smiled, but Lizzie didn’t smile back. This was unusual, as was the fact that her best friend hadn’t come bounding in, fizzing with enthusiasm and talking for Britain about everything and nothing.

Kat’s welcoming smile all but melted away. “What’s wrong? Catering crisis? The nephews have escaped and their suits are ruined? Tell all. I know you want to.”

Lizzie shook her head, and Kat’s smile vanished entirely.

“Brian’s on the phone,” she said. “He wants to speak to you. Now.”

Odd how these simple words had become laced with dread, where in all honesty they shouldn’t have been. Kat blinked, sat down on the bed and took the phone. She pressed it to her ear.

“Yes?” she whispered. “It’s Kat.”

“Kat. Ah, good. I mean h-hello.” Her fiancé’s voice wasn’t as confident as it usually sounded, she noted as he cleared his throat. “How are you?”

That seemed to be a stupid thing to ask, she thought as Lizzie sat down next to her and put one arm over her shoulders. Just what the hell was going on?

“I’m fine, Brian,” she snapped, aware that she was drawing herself up to her full height even whilst sitting as if about to face an unexpected onslaught. “But please, whatever it is, get to the point. Because it sounds like bad news and I can’t take the wait.”

“I’m sorry, Kat, but … but I can’t marry you,” he said. “I’ve made a mistake.”

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