The Boilerman and The Bride
  When Kat meets boilerman Mike for the first time on her wedding day, she faces several unexpected choices. Will passion win through in the end?

The Boilerman and The Bride

Comic short story, "The Boilerman and The Bride", is published by Amber Heat Press. Kat Carruthers is preparing for her wedding day when her fiancé Brian rings her to say that the wedding is off. As an unhappy and furious Kat tries to come to terms with this shock news, there’s a knock on the door and it’s the boilerman, Mike, come to service the boiler a full month early. When Kat’s mother rings to say Brian has arrived at the church, got into a fight and the police have been called, Kat is faced with several interesting choices. What in the end will she decide? Please note this story contains some adult content.

The Boilerman and The Bride - Extract

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