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Vulpes Libris Reviews 2009

You can find a list of my 2009 Vulpes Libris reviews below:


The Impostor by Damon Galgut: a classy literary novel about people and relationships in South Africa

The People's Train by Thomas Keneally: a strange tale of revolution and angst in war-time Australia from the author of Schindler's Ark

Hidden Conflict by Various: four GLBT novellas set in war-time

Is This The Way You Said? by Adam Thorpe: short stories of disintegration and wit

The Ice Chorus by Sarah Stonich: a novel of lyricism, love and the unexpected in windswept Ireland

Past Imperfect by Julian Fellowes: a stylish novel about time and journeys

Casanova by Ian Kelly: a marvellous biography of Mr Newhouse (anglicised), focusing on sex and style in the 18th century

Human Love by Andrei Makine: a novel about politics, pain and yet more politics

Words from a Glass Bubble by Vanessa Gebbie: a mixed bag collection of modern short stories

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave: a novel about Nigeria, exile and supremely irritating children

Brokeback Mountain - the choices we make and those we don't: a comparison of the film and book versions of Brokeback Mountain as part of Vulpes' Adaptation Week

Lowboy by John Wray: a novel about the subway, madness and running away

The Winding Stick by Elise Valmorbida: a contemporary novel about religion, friendship and garages

The Floating Order by Erin Pringle: a very strong collection of contemporary short stories

The Great Lover by Jill Dawson: a novel about Rupert Brooke (and briefly featuring my grandfather - no relation!)

False Colors by Alex Beecroft: a GLBT historical novel set in the Georgian age of sail

Kill-Grief by Caroline Rance: a powerful historical novel set in 18th century Chester

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