Rosie by Name

Comic Stories

You can find links to my humorous short stories on this page:

Published Comic Stories:

Rosie by Name, a comic erotic short story about the very special receptionist of a high-class escort agency

Creative Accountancy for Beginners, a comic fantasy short story showing how even in Space, finances matter ...

The Boilerman and The Bride, a comic short story about a very unusual wedding day

Not a Shred of Evidence, a short story about the strange things that happen at the office

Published Free Comic Stories:

On the Chick Lit Review website - Speaking Her Mind

On the Cynic Magazine website - An Unholy Affair

On the Chick Lit Review website - The Driving Force

On the Laughter Loaf website (flash fiction) - Woman on Top

In Issue 3 of The Oddville Press Magazine (free download) - Candy and Catharsis

On the Cynic Magazine website - A Safe Bet

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