Entertaining the Delaneys
  When the Delaney twins need an evening's entertainment, Liam is more than willing to offer his help, in any way he can ...

Entertaining the Delaneys

Erotic short story, "Entertaining the Delaneys", is published by Amber Allure Press. It is the sequel to The Delaneys and Me.

Since his initial encounter with the Delaney twins, Liam has found his thoughts turning back to them time and time again, and he can’t help hoping for another meeting. His chance happens one night when Mark Delaney rings, needing an evening's entertainment. At the Delaney residence, Liam discovers that a business associate of the twins has agreed a deal with them, and part of that deal is Liam himself. How will the evening end and will Liam be able to handle the challenges thrown at him this time?

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