The Art of the Delaneys
  Liam is determined to show the Delaneys there's more to him than just sex, but when it comes to dabbling in art fraud, will he be able to impress them this time?

GLBT Stories

GLBT stories are a growing part of my repertoire and you can find links to these, by year of publication, on this page:

Published GLBT Stories:

GLBT Stories Published in 2011

GLBT Stories Published in 2010

GLBT Stories Published in 2009

Published Free GLBT Stories:

At Oysters and Chocolate webzine - Butterfly Girl (NB: contains lesbian erotic content)

At Queer Magazine Online - A Serious Business

On the Rose and Thorn website - A Lonely Place

On the Clean Sheets Magazine website (WARNING - Do NOT click on this link if under 18 years old: erotic content) - Truth or Dare

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