Anne Brooke
  [Photograph by Paul Stead]

“It is testament to Anne Brooke’s mastery of her craft, and her readability, that she makes it all seem so, so easy."
Laura Wilkinson, journalist

Interviews & Articles


Anne's General Fiction:

Interview at The Accidental Author

Interview at the Book Wenches site

Interview at Two Ends of the Pen Journal

Interview at Sizzling Releases Journal

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Anne's Gay Fiction:

Interview at Brief Encounters Reviews (plus find out about my own royal wedding experience and where to get the best cream tea in Britain ...)

Interview at 1 Place for Romance

Interview at Gay Agenda webzine.

Interview at Michele 'n' Jeff Reviews

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Interview at Writewords

Anne's Poetry:

Interview at Seventh Window Blog

Specific Book Interviews:

A brief interview about Dancing with Lions

Interview about A Dangerous Man and Maloney's Law


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