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  • “This is an amazing story about Martin, a university lecturer, and Lucas, a somewhat wild and definitely unusual designer ... I loved the message of this story: what counts in a relationship between any two "beings" isn't how they look, nor necessarily what DNA they carry, or what they behave like. The focus in examining whether we can have a relationship with someone, and accept who and what they are, should be on how they relate to us, what they mean to us, and how they treat us. A very powerful message indeed!” [Read the rest of this review at Queer Magazine Online]

  • “This gracefully written story handles the novelette length just fine, delivering an absorbing opposites-attract story warmed by understated humor.” [Read the rest of this review by Val Kovalin at Obsidian Bookshelf]

  • “There was much to like about this story, told in the first person from Martin’s point of view. It charts the explosive beginning and development of the relationship between Martin and Lucas with an eye to the ridiculous.” [Read the rest of this review at Reviews by Jessewave]

  • “A smexy little romance and I loved that it was definitely set in Britain. A nice change from generic locales.” [Read the rest of this review at Tam's Reads]

  • “Anne Brooke has created an enjoyable light reading snippet for fans that are fond of shifter stories.” [Read the rest of this review at Literary Nymph Reviews]

  • “When you want a steamy male-on-male shifter story, I heartily recommend Martin and The Wolf.” [Read the rest of this 5-star review at Two Lips Reviews]

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