Moon landing
  "What pulls the collection (A Stranger's Table) together is emotion: love, despair, passion as destructive as desirable, fear and need, anguish."

Moon landing

All those miles and miles of travel,
stars and blackness for company,
weight of expectation round your neck
like an albatross
but twice as cruel.
The nearer the focus of your thought
looms out of space,
a pinpoint of time here,
July 1969,
the more you see a date from which you have
no real returning.
Look there she is,
waterless, airless, lifeless,
cratered with scars and regolith
from meteorites a billion
billion years ago, no wind,
no rain to heal them.

You feel sorry as you gaze
at the same face you always see,
familiar crust and, beneath,
outer core, inner core, mass,
secret heart of a cold tide-turner,
dark sister of shadows
filling your own heart closer
closer, so close
you could touch her
and you will, plunging
within her deepest lunar seas
lava-cold on your skin,
sinking fingers round basalt rock
before you stretch your arms wide, wider than earth
to bask in the sun's reflection.
See, your fullness rises now;
it's just a step away.

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