Sunday Haiku
  A series of rich and meditative haikus designed to get you through your year positively.



I started writing poetry in my mid twenties as a response to a particularly difficult time I went through at that period, and have been writing ever since. Most of my poems stem from personal experience or observation, although in some I do use a persona to create dramatic monologue. When writing, it’s occasionally good to be someone else for a while.

Poetry Collections:

Sunday Haiku
Sunday Haiku is published as an ebook by Seventh Window Publications. It is a series of rich and meditative haikus designed to get you through your year positively

Salt and Gold
Salt and Gold, is a series of forty meditation poems based on the Book of Exodus and the Gospel of St Luke. To find out more or to purchase a copy, please visit Amazon US or Amazon UK.

A Stranger's Table
If you would like a copy of my second poetry collection, A Stranger's Table, which features poems on mysteries, boats and women, or to find out more information, please visit Lulu UK. You can buy in paperback for £4.50 or download the collection for free. You can also purchase the collection at Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Published Poetry:
Meditation 21 (available in Eat A Peach poetry journal Winter 2010)

Five poems: Meditations 51 - 55 (available in Thirty First Bird Review journal)

Two poems: Weaponsalve and A recipe for marital harmony (scroll down to view)

Toes do furnish a man

Meditation 13

Two poems: Meditations 80 and 81


Two tankas about birds

Two poems: Chicken-man and Dustward

Two poems: Bookshops and Kitchen lion


Meditation 11

Meditation 37

Old Prayers

Six Meditation Poems



The Secret Smell of Lemons

Poetry on Site:
The Milkmaid by Vermeer


A journey with my father

Moon landing

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