Dancing with Lions
  Anne Brooke has been recognized internationally for her ability to write brilliantly in multiple genres. This collection gathers together her first set of short stories published by Untreed Reads.

Story Collections

My first short story collection is now published by Untreed Reads Press and contents are listed below:

The Anne Brooke Collection Volume 1

How to Eat Fruit: Jacob meets an unknown woman in a cafe and begins a series of sensual encounters, the like of which he has never experienced before. During that summer, he learns many things but, when autumn comes, will he have learned enough to stay with her?

Dancing with Lions: When Michal, daughter of Saul, first sees David, she falls in love at once. But her father's enmity and greed stand between her and the man she longs for. When David is forced to flee, her life changes forever - but what will happen when he returns to claim her?

Creative Accountancy for Beginners: Field Accountant Richard T'Ssuh has just one task: get his spacecraft docked so that everyone on-board can get paid. Thanks to his Captain taking time to fulfill her 'personal needs', there's no room to park and the crew is about to mutiny. Rich has got a clever solution to the problem up his sleeve. Too bad it just might end his career and, possibly, his life.

The Girl in the Painting: When Celia becomes obsessed with her grandmother's painting, she realises her life will never be the same again. How can she ever break free?

The Secret Thoughts of Leaves: Henry wakes up one morning and discovers that the trees in his garden are very different - how will he respond to the strange call of the leaves?

A Woman Like the Sea: When an artist becomes obsessed with her married lover, she finds herself having to choose between the woman she loves and her artistic career ...

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