Sunday Haiku
  A haiku for each week of the year, and more

Sunday Haiku

"Sunday Haiku" is published as an ebook by Seventh Window Publications. It is a series of rich and meditative haikus designed to get you through your year positively.

The publisher's blurb: Since 2002 Anne Brooke has written a haiku or two every Sunday. This book contains her haikus written in the year 2009. These short poems are Anne Brooke’s meditations on life, publishing, nature and herself. They are simply brilliant and beautiful.

Next to the dawn sky
the coins on my palm sparkle
a far poorer gold.
(from Sunday Haiku)

A delightful haiku-review can be found at Vulpes Libris

“I thoroughly enjoyed pondering my personal examination of each verse and felt captured within the calm of the poetry.” [Read the rest of this review from Lisa Hogan at Goodreads]

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