Two Christmases
  When you make a big mistake in your relationship, can you ever put it right again?...

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  • “This beautiful tale begins with heartache; Danny's made a serious error in judgement and learns that, while the truth hurts, knowing that you've betrayed the one you love is much, much worse. But it's also a wake-up call, one that Danny intends to take full advantage of. Two Christmases by Anne Brooke is a short story, but its message is one of endurance, struggle, hope and love. A heartwarming story for the Christmas season, and beyond.” [A five-star review from Kathy Kozakewich on Goodreads]

  • “This is a very touching story about Danny, a young man who cheats on his boyfriend Jake with an old ex-lover just before Christmas. Rather than admit his mistake he tries to cover it up, but the ex-lover calls Jake and tells him everything. Danny is devastated but with a little help from his boss manages to clean up his act. The focus is on how the cheating affects Danny as a person, how it motivates him to stop drinking and doing drugs. How it makes him face his life and grow up.” [A four-star review from author Serena Yates on Goodreads]

  • “This is my top pick of the week. A fantastic story with such sympathetic, flawed characters. I was engrossed right through this short story. Grade: Excellent.” [A review from the Well Read Bookblog on 14 December 2009]

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