Disasters and Miracles
  "The Voyage" - a short story from the Disasters and Miracles anthology from Bridge House Publishing

The Voyage - Reviews of Disasters and Miracles

  • β€œA book of bible stories retold in the modern idiom makes an interesting read whether for adults or children. Many of the well known episodes from both Old and New Testament are included in this little book of stories. Noah gathers all the animals into the Ark two by two and the tortoise and a caterpiller are helped by a kangaroo. A child looks on while Judas betrays Christ. Salome dances for King Herod's drunken guests. St Paul returns to face trial and helps a centurion stay strong to survive a storm. Moses is discovered in the bullrushes and saved from certain death. The stories are told in simple terms and I found myself in tears over some of them. They are a good reminder for adults of the wit and wisdom contained in the Bible and a good introduction for children.” [A five-star review from Damaskcat on Amazon UK]

  • β€œOn the books front I've finished reading Disasters and Miracles: How it was Then. This is a beautifully produced book of short stories retelling well known bible stories as well as lesser known ones - including one about St Paul by Anne Brooke. I thought the stories were really good - all of them.” [A review from Jilly at Jillysheep Journal]

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