The Gifting
  The journey is just the beginning ...

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UK publishers:
Lulu UK (for A Stranger's Table and Salt and Gold - poetry collections - and Pink Champagne and Apple Juice and Thorn in the Flesh)
US, Canadian & New Zealand publishers:
Bluewood Publishing (for the paperback and ebook versions of The Gifting)
Cheyenne Publishing (for the paperback version of A Dangerous Man)
Dreamspinner Press (for The Bones of Summer and Two Christmases)
Amber Allure Press (for Tommy's Blind Date, Tuluscan Six and the Time Circle, Martin and The Wolf, The Hit List, The Delaneys and Me, Entertaining the Delaneys, The Art of the Delaneys, Give and Take and A Stranger's Touch)
Amber Heat Press (for The Boilerman and The Bride)
Torquere Books (for Angels and Airheads)
Eternal Press (for Painting from Life)
PD Publishing (for Maloney's Law)
Bristlecone Pine Press (for the ebooks of A Dangerous Man, Pink Champagne and Apple Juice and Thorn in the Flesh)
Untreed Reads Press (for A Woman like the Sea, Creative Accountancy for Beginners, The Secret Thoughts of Leaves, The Girl in the Painting, Dancing with Lions and How to Eat Fruit)
Writers' News Magazine
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Lulu UK

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