Queen of the Fluffy Pens

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Queen of the Fluffy Pens, Queenie, is keen to move her beloved brood across their owner’s kitchen to be nearer the window. Life will be wonderful there as they’ll have lots of space and sunshine to enjoy. First, however, Queenie has to learn how to fly. Once she’s mastered that skill, she and her two friends, Betsy and Tanya, set out on their epic journey. On the way, they encounter a very strange fly indeed, a friendly bee and a frightening hornet. They also learn something very important about the value of friendship. Can they survive their great adventure, and will their new home be all they’ve hoped for?

This is a Lori Olding book.

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“If you’re after some adventure, a tiny bit of danger, and lots of friendship, you’ve come to the right book!” (From a review at Nayu’s Reading Corner)

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