Not a Shred of Evidence

NASOE 200x300

In the office, no-one can hear you shriek …

When secretary and would-be detective Fallon Evans slaps on her best Office Hag smile for another kick-ass day at Grabbit, Nickett and Leggatt, she doesn't expect a tormented boss or a murdered Chief Executive Officer. However, the office is a ruthless place, and Fallon must navigate the obstacles she faces armed only with her trusty leopard print catsuit, her vermilion nails and her attitude.

After she discovers a bottle of tomato sauce next to the corpse of the CEO, she knows something sinister is afoot. Can she solve the impenetrable mystery, mend the shredder and be in with a chance of gaining that longed-for pay rise at all?

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"This is a delightfully satirical piece of writing from Anne Brooke - modern ergonomic workspaces included. It's quite British, 'transfers to the Slough office' included - hello David Brent a la The Office. However, the information is transferable to any country and is easy to relate to for anyone who has worked in an office, near or far …I found it to be laugh out loud funny and just a fun read. I know these characters because, like most people, I've worked with them at one time or another. Have a read and have a laugh at your boss or co-worker, they won't know." [Read the rest of this review at KazzaK Book Reviews and Therapy]

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