The Dangerous Delaneys and Me


Art gallery worker Liam O’Connell never knew life could be quite so exciting until he met the Delaney brothers, Mark and Johnny. And he also never knew how much better it would be having two boyfriends instead of just one. The fact they’re twins is the icing on the cake, though the gangster connection might be rather trickier to handle.

Will Liam rise to the challenges of criminal capers, sexy scenarios and a risky romance, and can he ever find his way to a happy ending with the deliciously dangerous duo?

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“If you are looking for a serious crime drama, with plot twists around every corner, look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for some delicious menage fun to escape for a while, this is it. Dry British humour and sarcasm I love at every turn of the page. I simply adored Liam and his Delaney twins.” (From a 4 star review at Amazon)

“A sweet AND hot AND funny mobster menage with light BDSM elements. What an unlikely combination of variables. It’s just a hell of a lot of fun, and hot as Hades to boot.” (From a 4 star review at Amazon)

© Keith Olding 2011