The Delaneys and Me (Delaneys *1)

The Delaneys and Me book cover

Erotic short story, The Delaneys and Me, is published by Amber Allure Press. When Liam makes a scene in the middle of a restaurant after his boyfriend, Brandon, dumps him, he knows Brandon’s cousins, the Delaney twins, will be after him for retribution. The Delaneys head up the local gangster scene and are not to be messed with. Especially as, in the heat of the moment, Liam threatened to take what he knew (and, really, he doesn’t know much) to the police. It’s a recipe for disaster. But when the Delaneys give Liam a choice between being shot or having sex with both of them, Liam finds that his evening might turn out to be rather more interesting than originally anticipated.

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“Anne Brooke has penned a lovely short story that will have you in stitches with its funny dialogue and sex on demand, as our hero, Liam, tries to repay his debt and live another day.” [Read the rest of this 4.25 star review at Jessewave Reviews]

The Delaneys and Me by Anne Brooke is a well written, slightly edgy and fun erotic romp that I enjoyed and believe others will as well. The manner in which the story ends leaves the door open to future possibilities for these three, and in particular in respect of the relationship between Johnny and Mark, which I’m sure will delight fans of this author should she decide to further explore their relationship.” [Read the rest of this review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews]

The Delaneys and Me drew me in from the first sentence with its fascinating plot and appealing characters. I found it to be the perfect quick read if you have a fetish for twins. Pick up a copy and enjoy.” [Read the rest of this 5 Angels review at Fallen Angel Reviews]

“Although this is a fantastic short story, I got the impression there could be a follow-up to these enchanting characters. I enjoyed this saga immensely and hopefully there will be more in the future.” [Read the rest of this 4.5 star review at Literary Nymph Reviews]

“This short story features well drawn characters, solid writing and some really sexy scenes.” [Read the rest of this 4-star review (scroll down to view) at the I Love Books Blog]

“A light humorous tale with a touch of twincest which I enjoyed a great deal.” [Read the rest of this review at The Well-Read Book Blog]

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