The Girl in the Painting

The Girl in the Painting book cover

Literary feminist short story, The Girl in the Painting, is published by Untreed Reads Press. When Celia becomes obsessed with her grandmother's painting, she realises her life will never be the same again. How can she ever break free?

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“On her website, Brooke refers to this as a “literary feminist short story” and it is that and more. Despite the compact length, each reader will see something different in the character and the decisions she makes. This story could easily be seen as an allegory for so many things, and it definitely opened my mind and left me wondering about the history and future of Celia’s life. Few authors can so deftly express so much emotion and depth in the span of just a few pages, and Brooke does not disappoint.” [Read the rest of this 4 star review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews]

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