A Woman like the Sea

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Literary romantic short story, A Woman like the Sea, is published by Untreed Reads Press. When an artist becomes obsessed with her married lover, she finds herself having to choose between the woman she loves and her artistic career ...

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A Woman Like the Sea by Anne Brooke is a really emotional and poetic short story. Frankly, I am amazed at how much I enjoyed it, at how easy it was to get lost in it. The writing is superb, and though in some parts the language is very flowery and complicated, it is never too much. The entire story is very intense, and tension, both sexual and emotional, is very palpable all throughout, which I believe fits the narrator – an artist who lives everything she feels through her paintings – incredibly well.” [Read the rest of this 5 star review at Dark Diva Reviews]

“Ms. Brooke’s narrative is poetic, evocative, almost lyrical in nature. Within these brief pages, she recounts one woman’s lifetime of love, hope, longing, and frustration, the destruction of her dreams, and her helpless acknowledgment of her situation.” [Read the rest of this 4.75 star review at Book Wenches Reviews]

“Within the bare framework of this tale, beneath the surface of its elegant phrases, its impeccable rhythms, its haunting familiarity, lies an ocean of feeling, of suggestion and unfathomable menace. The author gives us a breathtaking palette of shadings, of sounds and scents — but it is up to the reader to provide the nuance, the feel of it, the sense.” [Read the rest of this review at GLFiction Reviews]

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