The Singing Road and Other Stories

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The Singing Road and Other Stories is published by Anne Brooke Books.

A woman listens to the song of the road and wonders if she has the strength to stay with her husband, this time. A journalist visits the opera and discovers a bitter history of failure alongside the music. An angry young boy finds the beach is not always a place of healing, and two lovers face their last day together with something like courage.

In this collection of twelve thought-provoking stories, a variety of very different characters confront the brokenness and despair of their lives, and begin a tentative journey towards the possibility of hope. Can they ever find their way back to the people they used to be?

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“Brooke is a brilliantly luminous writer in a variety of genres and people should be reading her stuff. Something that is unique to Brooke’s writing is her ability to interest me in things I would have thought I would dislike. This has happened on more than one occasion and has me seeking out everything she has published.” (From an Amazon review)

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