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A Stranger's Touch book cover

Male prostitute, Red, is given an assignment by his pimp and lover, Robbie, with a very unusual client.


Red meets the stranger in a darkened house in London and, during their sessions, he learns more than he ever knew about lust, love and his own personal history.

How will his curious and life-enhancing encounters with the stranger affect his relationship with Robbie and his clients, and can love ever be part of a hooker's life at all? 

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“This was short but powerful. It was also very different from what I was expecting. There was sex, yes, but that wasn’t what it was about. It was more about acceptance, what it means to live, and what it means to be saved. I recommend reading it.” [From a 4-star Goodreads review]

“There are two themes running through this story. Firstly there are the encounters that Red has with the stranger, who through touch allows Robbie to deal with some of the things in his life, such as being a sex addict and having a troubled past. There’s a lyrical and dreamlike quality to the writing in this section that I found quite beautiful. The second theme is that of the relationship between Red and his pimp Robbie, and the strange push and pull between them. I recommend this read for those looking for a story about a troubled young man and his gradual acceptance of himself and his life.” [From a 4.5 Star review at Jessewave Reviews]

“A deeply affecting, elegantly written, ethereal wisp of a story. It haunted me.” [From a 5-star review at Hearts on Fire Reviews]


“This is most definitely a story that will leave you wondering, with a different and intriguing premise encapsulated in a short, well-written tale. After reading this, I will definitely be looking for other stories by Brooke.” [From a review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews] 

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