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Featured Book: Three Perfect Gifts

This month, my Featured Book is my new novel, uplifting women’s fiction story, Three Perfect Gifts. Three very different women with three very different secrets meet at a Pilates class and form an unlikely friendship. Frankie is unexpectedly pregnant, and this issue is causing problems in her marriage that she doesn’t know how to solve. Miranda has terminal cancer and recently tried to kill herself. Golda is a survivor of an abusive marriage and is haunted by the memory of who she once was. Can the three women trust each other enough to share their secrets and, if they do, will they ever find peace?


I actually never intended to write this book. When I first sat in front of my computer, fingers poised over the keyboard, I fully intended to write an historical fantasy about the Three Wise Men who are such an integral part of the much-loved Christmas story. But when I started to type, none of that came out. Instead, what arrived on the page was a book about three very different women and their highly unlikely friendship. Determined not to lose sight entirely of my original thought process however, I named them after the gifts brought by the Wise Men: Golda for gold; Frankie for frankincense; and, last but by no means least, Miranda for myrrh.


I also tried to keep some of the attributes of the gifts in their characters. Golda, the oldest of the three friends, is pliable and gentle but also trustworthy, and she has an innate power to be able to rise above her past. But has she really come to terms with her traumatic past?









Frankie is versatile and honest, and possesses great strength in her current adversity and the decisions she has to make. But is her life everything she wanted it to be?







Miranda, the youngest, is spiky and passionate, and is also the one who is facing the most sorrow in her life to come as she tries to understand the power of living in the moment. But can she really do everything on her own?


The three women are very different but, together, they form a friendship circle that is unique and which benefits them all in very different ways. They cement their friendship by making a garden together, for Miranda, and this helps them to heal from, or come to terms with, the various challenges they have to face. Both friendships and gardens are, I believe, two of the most healing experiences we can ever encounter.

I hope that you enjoy the blend of friendship the three women have and the garden they make. I also hope that, as you read, you can rediscover your own innate value and a sense of peace and healing too.


Find out more about these three very different women and their story here.

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