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A Year in the Allotment book cover

What about having an allotment? So my husband asked me one day when I was innocently opening the wine and planning our weekend.


The shock of the question made me blink and of course I laughed away the very idea: too much effort; not enough time; and besides we don't know anything about allotments.


All well and good then, and I thought that was that, but strangely enough the idea kept niggling away and resurfacing on various occasions.

Then a mere couple of months later, my objections were somehow swept aside by his enthusiasm and we found ourselves the proud and very nervous owners of an allotment. With not a clue what to do with it.

This is the story of our first year as allotment beginners and how we survived it. And even came to love it.

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“I am a newbie at my allotment too and took mine on in July so could relate to this author every step of her journey. I found it funny and useful. It just shows there’s hope for us all yet! Bring on the allotmenteers!” (From a review at Amazon)

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