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Christa's Ghost book cover

Christa Dalrymple is a respectable middle-class wife in her fifties and doesn’t expect to be murdered alongside her husband one fateful night. It’s even more annoying that she doesn’t manage to see who the murderer is, as that would have saved so much time and effort.

Because Christa isn’t the kind of woman to slip away to heaven with her own murder unsolved, even if she believed in such a place as heaven. Can she find where her dead husband has disappeared to, and trap the unknown murderer before the next life comes calling for eternity?

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“This is an unexpectedly hilarious take on the afterlife, wrapped in a cozy murder mystery. Christa’s inner monologue is an absolute delight, packed with witty observations and snarky comments that keep the tone light despite the grim premise. I love how important themes of love, regret, and the search for closure are handled with a light touch, ensuring the story maintains the same fun tone and is engaging without becoming sentimental. This book is a delightful blend of comedy and mystery, perfect for anyone looking for a light-hearted yet thought-provoking read. Brooke’s sharp wit and engaging storytelling make this a must-read for fans of ghostly capers.” (From a 5-star Goodreads review)

“This book is a different type of journey for a married couple. Strangely different, but good. There was no way to guess the ending. Short and sweet.” (5-star Amazon review)


“I knew from the first few pages that this was going to be good and it was. It's also very funny.” (5-star Goodreads review)


“When Christa and her husband are murdered, their ghosts linger to help the police catch the murderer. A light read, though with deeper themes, and entertaining.” (From a 4-star Goodreads review)

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