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Dancing with Lions and Other Stories book cover

Relationships, whether contemporary, fantastical or those lost in biblical history, can make or break us all.


When love falls in a place you least expect it, the consequences can be life-affirming, life-destroying or even, on occasions, funny.


Discover what happens when an artist falls in love with his model; when something as simple as fruit leads to passion; when marriage provides unexpected opportunities for lust or despair; and even when a dictionary encounters love.


The results are guaranteed to surprise you.

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Listen to Candy and Catharsis and The Secret Thoughts of Leaves at Farnham Radio Theatre

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Dancing with Lions and Other Stories Contents:

Painting from Life: A painter goes beyond the degree of intimacy that provides the connection between him and the older man who is his newly-discovered muse, and is forced to undergo a re-evaluation of the true meaning of love. (Genre: literary fiction)

The Girl in The Painting: When Celia becomes obsessed with her grandmother's painting, she realises her life will never be the same again. How can she ever break free? (Genre: lesbian paranormal)

The Gift of The Snow: When Andi moves into her new house, she knows from the outset that it's different. One autumn night, she discovers how different it is when she wakes to find that her past, and the woman she left behind so long ago, aren't quite so far away after all. Will she succumb to her own fear of the unknown or will an old love be strong enough to protect her? (Genre: lesbian paranormal)

How To Eat Fruit: Jacob meets a woman in a cafe and begins a series of sensual encounters, the like of which he has never experienced before. During that summer, he learns many things but, when autumn comes, will he have learned enough to stay with her? (Genre: literary romance)

The Secret Thoughts of Leaves: Henry wakes up one morning and discovers that the trees in his garden are very different - how will he respond to the strange call of the leaves? (Genre: literary fiction)

A Woman like The Sea: When an artist becomes obsessed with her married lover, she finds herself having to choose between the woman she loves and her artistic career. (Genre: literary romance)

Dancing with Lions: The first time Michal, daughter of Saul, sees David, she falls in love at once. But her father's enmity and greed stand between her and the man she longs for. When David is forced to flee, her life changes forever - but what will happen when he returns to claim her? (Genre: biblical fiction)

A Little Death: When Abigail marries Nabal in the time of the rebel king David, she quickly discovers her husband's bullying ways and cruelty. Trapped in a loveless relationship but determined to fight, she find solace in her growing friendship with servant girl Anna. Soon the two women are plotting to kill Nabal, but the increasing attacks from David threaten to destroy all their hopes for happiness. (Genre: biblical fiction)

A Small Betrayal: Samson's betrothed tells the story of her doomed wedding feast: when love is mixed with secrets and lies, the riddles which are born make all things bitter. So Samson's new wife must face a terrible decision between saving her family and saving the man she loves. (Genre: biblical fiction)

Little Bird: Zipporah's marriage to the travelling herdsman Moses produces two fine sons, but nothing lasts forever. Soon the call of Moses' God and the ultimate sacrifice He demands from her husband unleashes reserves of strength and cunning Zipporah has never known. Is it enough to keep Moses at her side? (Genre: biblical fiction)

Creative Accountancy for Beginners: Field Accountant Richard T'Ssuh has just one task: get his spacecraft docked so that everyone on-board can get paid. Thanks to his Captain taking time to fulfill her 'personal needs', there's no room to park and the crew is about to mutiny. Rich has got a clever solution to the problem up his sleeve. Too bad it just might end his career and, possibly, his life. (Genre: comic fiction)

Not A Shred of Evidence: When secretary and would-be detective Fallon Evans slaps on her best Office Hag smile for another kick-ass day at Grabbit, Nickett and Leggatt, she doesn't expect a tormented boss or a murdered Chief Executive Officer. However, the office is a ruthless place, and Fallon must navigate the obstacles she faces armed only with her trusty leopard print catsuit, her vermilion nails and her attitude. (Genre: comic fiction)

Candy and Catharsis: Love is possible even in the most surprising of settings. When dictionary-dweller and word-about-town Catharsis falls madly in love with good-time gal Candy, it changes everything he ever thought he knew about the literary life. Helped by his closest word-friends and neighbours, Catharsis sets out, determined to meet the word-woman of his dreams and declare to her his undying passion. However, in a journey beset with difficulties and dangerous detours, will he ever find Candy and, even if he does, can the course of true love ever really run smooth? (Genre: comic fiction)




“This collection of short stories dazzled me. Each story is wonderfully written. I think there is a particular challenge in writing a short story because every word has to count. Every word has to contribute to the world-building, character and plot development and Brooke has mastered this. It was a delight to turn the pages to discover what would come next. I am astonished at the variety of themes from the Old Testament to the paranormal. Each story is about a relationship, some of them quite surprising.” (From a 4 star review at Amazon)

“An eclectic collection of short stories from the strange to the biblical, all involving love. Of all the stories I especially enjoyed the biblical ones the most.” (From a 4-star review at Amazon

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