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Dido's Tale book cover

When shipwreck brings the legendary Lord Aeneas to her shores, Queen Dido finds herself first puzzled and then enchanted by the mysterious stranger.


Enchantment turns inevitably to a passionate love which Aeneas returns in full, and the two different nations begin to merge into one as she teaches him the ways of her people.

When the gods demand Aeneas' return to his mission, how will he respond, and what price is Dido willing to pay to change fate?

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“As always, Brooke’s writing is sensuous and poetic in this retelling of Virgil’s classic romance. What emerges is a remarkable portrait of a woman with a will and sense of duty as strong as any man’s, and the complexity of sexual identities and gender roles. Highly recommended.” (From a 5 star Amazon review)

“One gets a clear sense of Dido as a strong accomplished woman. I was fascinated and as always with this author wanted more when I had finished reading it.” (From a Goodreads review)

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