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Dreaming in Blue book cover

This poetry collection focuses on the relationship between women and the world around them.


Discover one woman’s search for the perfect life balance, and find out what is lost and what is gained on the journey.


Can nature really soothe our minds, what is the role of people in our lives, and where can our freedom be found?

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“Brooke’s writing not only highlights the potency of poetry but also unveils its profound capacity to capture the depths of human emotion and experience. Her adept use of language creates vivid mental landscapes, transporting readers to a dreamlike state where the ordinary assumes newfound meaning and the mundane is imbued with magic. Whether well-versed in poetry or newly initiated, Dreaming in Blue beckons readers into an immersive and thought-provoking realm, leaving an indelible impression. In essence, this collection stands as a profound meditation on life's intricacies, encouraging readers to savor each moment, irrespective of its intensity or brevity. Highly recommended.” (From a 5 star Amazon review)

“Love these poems! Every one is a beautifully written, poignant and engaging insight into the author's life. 'Selfie' had me laughing out loud! Highly recommended.” (A 5 star Amazon review)

"Some poems were really emotional, some made me laugh, and some made me think. Reading the poems, I imagined a short story. Just really fun! Looking forward to rereading this!" (A 5-star Goodreads review)

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