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Hallsfoot's Battle book cover

Hallsfoot's Battle is the second novel in the Gathandrian Trilogy fantasy novels.

The battle for survival has merely begun and the Mind Executioner's defeat is only temporary. Annyeke Hallsfoot, Acting Elder of Gathandria, must join forces with Simon the Scribe in a tenuous alliance to fight for their survival.


However, Simon is distracted by his own personal demons, giving Annyeke no choice but to plot a desperate strategy to defeat the enemy.

When the Mind Executioner kidnaps Simon and raises an army from the dead, all hope appears to be lost.


Both Annyeke and Simon, with the help of the mysterious mind-cane and the magical snow-raven, are determined to stay alive and, if possible, to win.

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“This was a great trilogy that I couldn’t put down.” (5-star Amazon review)

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