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How to Marry Your Husband book cover

Most romantic novels end with a kiss. This one starts with one. When Olivia asks Kieran to marry her on Leap Year Day, the answer isn’t quite what she’s expecting. Still, even reluctant fiances will eventually understand what’s best for them, and Olivia is plunged into a summer of scary dress shops, mad mothers and bad hair days. VERY bad hair days.

Will Olivia be able to negotiate her way through the marriage minefield whilst keeping her sanity almost intact, and can she ever be truly prepared for the perfect day of her dreams?

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“A short and sweet book that takes us through the proposal and wedding of the main characters, Olivia and Kieran. It's funny and entertaining.” (A 5 star Goodreads review)


“A fun pick up/put down, easy to read book, which was entertaining and raised laughs.” (A 4 star Amazon Review)

“Anyone getting married would find it a really good read … Would happily recommend the book.” (From a 5 star Amazon Review)

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