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Rosie by Name book cover

Rosie (AKA Alison) works at a high-class escort agency as a receptionist. When her boss asks her to be the special birthday present for his favourite nephew, she can't help but agree. The boss is the boss after all.

However an evening of surprises, unexpected parents and even the odd spider awaits her. By the end of the night, will she have fulfilled her mission or is her potential pay-rise nothing but a distant dream?

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“A fun coffee-break read about a brothel receptionist who goes above and beyond to keep her boss happy. This is a light, easy read, and with plenty of Brooke’s original metaphors and similes to keep you entertained until the twist in the tale.” (From a 5 star Amazon review)

“This is funny and tongue-in-cheek. Just what I needed. It made me smile and I laughed at the ending.” (From a 4 star Amazon review)

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