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Taking a Chance book cover

The moment model and part-time actor Benjamin spots the sexually alluring David outside his local restaurant one night, he's determined to get to know him better. Much better.


So he takes a chance and pretends to be Timothy, the blind date David is waiting for.

When David asks him about submission, safe words and spanking, Benjamin knows the sensible thing to do is to make his apologies and leave.


Funny then how his body keeps telling him something different, and instead he finds himself strangely eager to know more.


Will it be a date to remember, and if David discovers his deceit, could he ever be persuaded to take any kind of a chance on Benjamin?

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"This is a lovely, witty sensual tale of discovery and possibilities, both erotic and romantic. I’ll definitely look out for more stories by Anne Brooke." (Ellie Thomas Romance Reviews)

"I just loved this story so much! It was cute and very sexy. I would happily read more of these guys. It really was the perfect little afternoon read on a hot/cold/wet/sunny/who'm-I-kidding-ANY-kinda day read. Go. Buy the book! It's a goodie." (Read the rest of this 5-star review at Live Your Life Buy The Book Reviews)

"A good coupling with a sure, sophisticated, caring lover and passionate, willing partner. I also like that it was a forty something and a thirty something in the lead. Not that I suppose it matters, but it's just good for a change. There is a very slight twist at the end, I knew there would be, but not what I was thinking, so go, Anne Brooke. Terrific, sexy and quick reading with a couple of nice characters and a good ending." (Read the rest of this 4-star review at On Top Down Under Reviews)

"Taking a Chance was a quick, fun, sexy, surprisingly thoughtful read about a young man who didn't know he had a submissive side he wanted to explore, until he met the man who brought it out in him, I really enjoyed taking that exploratory journey with Benjamin." (Read the rest of this 4-star review at Boy Meets Boy Reviews)

"This is the first book I've read by Anne Brooke. It will not be the last! The author captures the essence of sensuality in so few pages. The way David dominated Benjamin with zero cruelty and played his body in ways Benjamin had never been played was just oh so sexy. I tore through this book on my lunch break. If you're looking for something quick and sexy that will leave a huge smile on your face, take a chance on this one!” (From a 4-star review at MM Good Book Reviews)

"David is very upfront and clear about his intentions for Benjamin, so much that he surprises me too. On the other hand, Benjamin is totally unprepared for David's questions about his sexual activity. However, Benjamin is straightforward and honest with his answers that it's refreshing to read the dialogue. It all makes this book a fun read." (Read the rest of this 4-star review at Pants Off Reviews)

"I liked this story right from the first word to the last one. If you are looking for a hardcore BDSM book, this one isn't for you. It lightly touches that subject matter but we don't see the typical props or scenes that usually are in a regular BDSM book. The sex scene between David and Benjamin is steamy, nonetheless! Taking a Chance is worth taking a chance on! (From a 4-star review at Sid Love Reviews)

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