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The Gangster's Wife book cover

When 53-year-old Elise Walker returns home after a day at the office to find her husband Gerald dead of a heart attack, she doesn't expect a visit from the police with revelations about Gerald's secret life.

Soon, however, her own life takes a distinctive turn for the surreal, with missing loot, online crime and curious neighbours the least of her problems. Not to mention trying to deal with never-ending funeral arrangements and stay on top of her job.

Thank goodness then for the support of her ever-reliable boss, Hugh. But will even he turn against her when she decides to contact Gerald's former gang members to find out more? And what is the real significance of the note Gerald left her? Most important of all, if Elise ever finds the money, will she be able to keep it?

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"Pure entertainment. Suspend your belief and settle in for a very enjoyable and frequently very amusing tale. I loved it!" (5-star Amazon review)


"Another good read from Anne Brooke. I always enjoy authors doing something different and this is a deviation from others of Brooke's that I've read. I recommend The Gangster's Wife for people who enjoy a British setting, humour, and narrative - because that's what you get. Crime in Surrey? Please, how un-Surrey-like … Nice reading to put your feet up and have a cuppa with." (Read the rest of this 4-star review at On Top Down Under Reviews)

"The story has a unique twist as it unfolds completely through Elise's mind, eyes and heart. Her quest to find out the truth about her husband's secrets and missing money makes for light-hearted humor in the midst of sadness. Overall an excellent novel that keeps the reader entertained." (Read the rest of this 5-star review at Amazon US)

"Love, love, love this book! Elise is a woman I totally relate to … The book was beautifully worded and moved right along without lingering on its beautiful prose … Read this book. You won't be disappointed." (Read the rest of this 5-star review at Amazon US)

"Like a great movie … I would recommend it to anyone who wants to escape in a weird, but catchy story." (Read the rest of this 5-star review at Amazon)

"I absolutely loved this book, very fast paced and interesting story! It is a fun read! I did not want to put this book down! Thanks, Anne Brooke, for a great read." (Read the rest of this 5-star review at Amazon)

"A very interesting read! Loved the main character, Elise, who reminded me of an English actor, Penelope Keith. Penelope played Margery in The Good Life, a 1975 British Comedy series …" (Read the rest of this 5-star review at Amazon)

“This is an unusual story, told only from Elise Walker’s point of view …. she is a well-rounded character. I wanted her to win. Odd describes it best.” (From a 4-star review at Amazon)

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