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The Gifting book cover

This novel is the first in the Gathandrian Trilogy fantasy novels.

Simon Hartstongue is a mind-reader, and branded a coward and a murderer.


When his overlord and lover Ralph Tregannon turns against him, he is forced to embark on a treacherous journey to the distant and magical land of Gathandria in order to save his country and his own soul.


During a series of terrifying trials, Simon must encounter the trickery of the deadly Mind Executioner as well as the secret dealings of those he ought to trust.

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"The Gifting is a unique fantasy where mental and physical worlds merge in a flight of unrestrained imagination. Unlike much fantasy I've read lately, this book soars with hope. It's a story of redemption gained through a mystical journey through earth, air, fire and water that tests the deepest recesses of a man's soul.” (From a review at Awesome Indies Reviews) 

"The Gifting is merely the introduction to the Gathandrian Trilogy; it's a big world, filled with intrigues and magic, loss and redemption. It's a fantastical place where almost anything is possible, where a coward can become a hero, where the promise for more excitement and enchantment are guaranteed, and I look forward to seeing where Anne Brooke will take us next, as well as discovering what Simon's future holds.” (From a 4-star review at Top2Bottom Reviews) 

"I always look forward to a new book by Anne Brooke as I know I will not only enjoy the story but I will have a truly entertaining read ... Here we venture into the world of science fiction and meet the residents of Gathandria who have been besieged, many are gone and their beautiful land is almost destroyed ... As on any quest, there is much to be learned and there are attacks along the way and Anne Brooke tells a wonderful story with fascinating characters.” (From a review at Amos Lassen Reviews)

"The world Brooke has created is interesting and I loved the legends and stories that go with it, eg the different constellations and their meanings. I loved Simon, in particular. He reminded me of Thomas Covenant - almost an anti-hero. A very flawed individual who is his own worst enemy.” (From a 4 star review at Goodreads)

"The character development is exemplary. It's rare that you see characters grow so deeply and well supported by the action … I recommend it for anyone who likes something different and especially if they like a bit of psychological depth in their reading.” (From a 4 star review at Goodreads)

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