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The Hit List book cover

Jamie Chadwick is straight. Determinedly straight. Or so he keeps telling himself. His small conference business is doing okay and, even though he looks after his ailing father, he loves living in the countryside and life is good. Sort of.


But the arrival of old college friend, David Fenchurch, who’s just come out on the distinctly camp side of camp, together with Lucy Reid, his father’s sexy new physiotherapist, sets Jamie on a path he’d never dreamed of taking.

On top of all that, the unexpected return of long-lost family friend, Robert Trevelyan, himself openly gay, means that Jamie can no longer ignore the past he’s kept hidden for six years.


When Robert and David get together, Jamie’s feelings begin to surface in surprising ways. Who, amongst the crowd of people set to blow his life apart, will make it onto his fantasy hit list?


And in the midst of Jamie’s own emotional battlefield, how can he keep things together at all?

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The Hit List came in for review described as an m/m romantic comedy, which suited my reading desires perfectly. The typically zany and quirky style I was expecting from the author is definitely in full force here. The light touch to the writing and quick pace makes this lightning fast to read despite its length. The plot is very character driven even as there is a lot of action that occurs. Jamie is the third person narrator as he struggles from one event to the next in a rather natural, if busy, progression. There is nothing slow or boring about this plot. The delightful prose, great narrator, and fast pace will keep you fully engaged in the book. The story feels effortless, a skill Brooke really excels at translating across the page, so be sure to pick this up. You’ll be glad you read it.” [From a review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews] 

“Jamie is the most wonderful character. I love him to death. He can be mean and hurtful and generous and inarticulate and dreamy. I want to shake him when he’s being exasperating and hug him because he’s got sad, difficult times ahead. I wish books didn’t have to end. This isn’t really a love story. And I would have liked to know more of the secondary characters. But I’m putting Anne Brooke on my list of favorite authors.” [Read the rest of this five star review at Goodreads]

“A touching book; in turns funny, true, heartbreaking, and sentimental. The measure of a book, for me, can be judged by the answer to one question. Can I walk down the street reading it? Is it so interesting that I can’t put it down when the train reaches the station, that I need to carry on reading it for the rest of the walk home? The answer with The Hit List is yes. Absolutely! And I did.” [Read the rest of this five star review at Goodreads]

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I personally know and understand the frustration of looking after an elderly parent that one loves but doesn't quite have the best relationship with. I could definitely relate to Jamie. It's also a well written and engaging read that zips along at a great pace. A real page turner.” [A five star review at Goodreads]

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