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The Old Bags' Sex Club book cover

 Four Old Bags and four Old Bag Problems: Annabel lost her husband two years ago and is looking for another man. Jackie is recovering from her husband Alan’s infidelity and wants to have sex with someone else. Karen is a career woman and doesn’t want a relationship, or does she?


Finally there’s me, Terri: I’m between men right now but I’m going to spice up my life, and that of my three good friends or beat myself to a pulp with the nearest whip if I fail. My idea is this: we all have to have an affair in the next month or forfeit our right to be part of The Old Bags’ Sex Club. Let the fun begin!

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“Funny and thought-provoking! I certainly invested time in the characters and the ending was perfect. It was relatable too as a middle-aged woman! It was the first book I have read from this author but certainly not the last.” (A 5 star Amazon review)

“What a thoroughly enjoyable read! The characters were realistic, and the title of the book hooked me in straight away. The stories of each person in the Old Bags’ Sex Club were masterfully woven which left you wanting more. I would recommend this book.” (From a 5 star Amazon review)

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