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The Paranormal Detection Agency book cover

When paranormal investigator Jack Atkinson meets new client Aaron Riley, he doesn't expect the attraction he feels for the man.


Neither does he expect the haunting Aaron describes and which Jack is determined to solve.

After their first meeting, the two men begin a passionate affair, which Jack is keen to continue. However, Aaron's attentions are focused on the need to rid himself of his ghosts and soon Jack discovers family secrets can run deeper than even he imagined.


Will the truth destroy Jack and Aaron's budding relationship, or are they strong enough to survive it?

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"I enjoyed stepping into Brooke's imagination. This was well written and kept me interested. I would read more in this world." (4-star Amazon review)

"I do love Anne Brooke's humour and it is to the fore here. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of The Paranormal Detection Agency from Kindle-cover to end. 4 stars!" (From a 4-star review at On Top Down Under Reviews) 

"This was a spooky little story with just enough humor to keep it from being truly frightening. I got a good feel for the characters and the setting. I enjoyed the paranormal happenings and the contrast between the dark subject matter and the lighter dialogue. Jack and Aaron were sexy together.” (From a 4-star review at Prism Book Alliance)

"The characters are fun. They are well developed, and you get to like them. They are as believable as a paranormal investigator and the man who falls for him can be. And I have to say the suspense of the book, the drama, finding the answers to the questions the haunting brings about is fun, and well done in the tradition of some of the mystery writers of our time. I really enjoyed this story, and recommend it for a quick, fun read that is not just like everything else. You will like it!” (From a 4-star review at GGR Reviews)

"Anne Brooke created an amazing cast of characters here. Each had their own particular brand of snark. At the same time, they were each quite capable when the going got tough. The ending was unexpected but the finale was glorious. Take in The Paranormal Detection Agency by Anne Brooke and see for yourself.” (From a Sizzling 4-star review at Sensual Reads)

"This is an amusing promising romance highlighted by sweltering intimacy in addition to the presence of ghosts as well as otherworldly creatures. The characters are admirable. Anne Brooke has created a splendid short story that I enjoyed immensely." (From a 4.5 star review at Literary Nymph Reviews)

"The Paranormal Detection Agency is an entertaining read. Ghost, crazy family, and handsome men; what paranormal fan could pass it up? I love the relationship between Jack and Aaron. I look forward to reading more books by Ms. Brooke who does an outstanding job on her offerings of the paranormal world." (From a 4-star review at Coffee Time Reviews)

"This is a cute paranormal story about two men who are brought together by an old tragedy, a haunted house and a ghost! Jack and Aaron made a cute couple.” (From a 4-star review at The Novel Approach Reviews)

"This was a good ghost story, equal parts humor and horror. Who the ghost is, why it is haunting Aaron's home and what Jack does to free the spirit make for a satisfying story." (Read the rest of this review at Love Bytes Reviews)

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