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The Prayer Seeker book cover

Michael Woodthorpe hasn't attended church for years. One winter he decides to take early retirement in order to search for the God he used to know.


As he comes to terms with his new existence, he begins to discover the deep riches of prayer.

When his journey brings him face to face with past mistakes, he must find a way to resolve them if he is to fulfil his God-given potential at all.

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"An excellent read. It is very well written and draws you quickly in to the inner life of the main character, Michael … I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a relaxing, good read, which also makes you think about the big issues of life which concern us all!" (From a 5-star review at Amazon US)


"In reading the book, it took me to a place I hadn't thought about or even considered. It helped me to look at my prayer life for what it was … I am now on my own journey to rekindle the art and love of prayer in my own life. Thank you for the Spirit in which this book was written and for not leaving God out! I would recommend this book to everyone who is seeking a more intimate relationship with the Lord through His Word, and through prayer." (From a 5-star review at Amazon US)


"Brooke takes the reader on a spiritual journey of peace, tranquility, meditation and relaxation. Oh what a journey it is! From page one I was mesmerized and drawn into  Michael's life … Readers beware as reading The Prayer Seeker may cause you to take a much deeper look at your own relationship with God. I highly recommend for Christians and non-Christians alike." (From a 5-star review at Amazon US)

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