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The Prince of Gremalden book cover

Ronall Airbright of the Bright Lands travels to the country of the Gremaldens at his father’s command to enter a blood-oath relationship with Alec Darkwood, a man he has never met.

Once there, he discovers his relationship with Alec is set to be a challenging one. Not only that but his new country is unlike anything Ronall has ever known.


He is an artist and a dreamer born of farming stock, whereas Alec is a solder and rules a land steeped in military tradition.

Can the relationship between Ronall and Alec ever prosper, and how can the aims and secret ambitions of both Ronall’s father and his new prince ever be reconciled?


Soon, the stage is set for confrontation, and Ronall must decide once and for all where his true loyalties lie.

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“This is an amazing story of love growing out of deceit and betrayal. Prince Alec of Gremalden strikes a deal with the Lord of the Bright Lands for a bonding with his son in exchange for joining forces together as allies against the north. Neither man was anticipating the other, and a clash of strong characters is the start of a strong blood bonding. It is well written.” (5-star Amazon review)

“This book is a pleasant surprise. It is a thoughtful presentation of a common theme which makes it feel fresh and new.” (From a 5-star Amazon review)

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