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Thorn in The Flesh book cover

Kate Harris, a lecturer in her late thirties, is attacked in her home and left for dead. The assault and the hate mail she starts to receive bring to light the past she longs to leave behind, a past which includes the son she chose to give away.

What happens to Kate also affects the people she counts as friends and colleagues. She has loved her best friend, Nicky, for a long time but Nicky is happily married with two young children, and Kate is determined never to damage the lives of those she cares for.

However, when she makes the decision to contact the father of her son, Kate sets in motion a series of terrifying events she has no control over. Can she save herself and those she loves from the menacing enemy who stalks them?

Thorn in the Flesh was longlisted in the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger Awards 2006.

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“A very compelling read, from a very good author. The characters get hold of you from the beginning and do not let you go till you reach the conclusion. Was soon obvious you just wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. Brooke has written many books that differ in style but there is always a very intriguing storyline to follow. Would highly recommend any of her books.” (A 5 star Amazon review)

“Another winner from Anne Brooke. This book demonstrates once again Brooke's versatility and literary dexterity as she takes us through the complex, disturbed world of Kate Harris, traumatised by violence and haunted by the past. Don’t expect a comfortable read but do expect a gripping one. Thoroughly recommended.” (A 5 star Amazon review)

“This is a book full of passion and tension … we follow Kate Harris throughout the book, observing her tender relationships with the people she loves. We also accompany her on her journey into the past to places we would rather not go - to the darkest of places in the present … Throughout the journey, readers will be on the edge of their seat and will remain there until the climax of the story, at the very end. A book that should not be missed.” (From a 5 star Amazon review

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