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Three very different women with three very different secrets meet at a Pilates class and form an unlikely friendship.


Frankie is unexpectedly pregnant, and this issue is causing problems in her marriage that she doesn’t know how to solve. Miranda has terminal cancer and recently tried to kill herself. Golda is a survivor of an abusive marriage and is haunted by the memory of who she once was.


Can the three women trust each other enough to share their secrets and, if they do, will they ever find peace?

Perfect for fans of uplifting friendship fiction!

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“This book is easy to read and the story flows at a quick, steady pace. I fell in love with the characters. Please read this book, you will enjoy it. It's about life: how cruel it can be, but also how unexpected and how wonderful.” (From a 5-star review at Read with Rajitha Reviews)

While the themes in this book tug at the heartstrings, the uplifting moments more than make up for the sorrow. The bond of friendship depicted in the book and how the three women look after each other made me miss my friends (who are oceans away!). I appreciated how the author seamlessly wove her love for gardening into the story, offering delightful tips and insights along the way. I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates stories of friendship, resilience, and healing. Its well-paced narrative ensures a compelling reading experience, leaving readers feeling uplifted and inspired.” (From a 5-star Goodreads review)

This book has it all: different aspects of what life has to throw at us women, plus friendship, gardening and a dose of coffee and cake. A great book for the summer beach read - you won't be disappointed! (From a 5-star Amazon review)

“This story was very powerful, in showing just what being kind to someone can mean. It was also good to see the friendships develop between three totally different people. I highly recommend the book.”

(From a 5-star Amazon Review)

A thought-provoking book populated by believable characters. A real page-turner.” (From a 5-star Goodreads review)

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